About Us


Hebron Global LLC is an investment company that delivers a broad range of services across multiple continents; IT Services (H-Cab), Entertainment, Import and Export, General Commerce.

Founded in July 2020, By Mr. Valery Bah (CEO). The Company is headquartered in the Lone Star State of Texas, USA and maintains offices in some countries around the world. We design, build, and bring Investments and innovations that enable solutions that are transforming the services industry and beyond.

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Our Vision

Safety and affordability are significant concerns for travelers in Cameroon. Implementing measures to ensure safe and comfortable transportation, like training drivers in defensive driving and installing safety features in vehicles, could greatly improve passengers' travel experiences. Additionally, offering competitive and transparent pricing can make transportation more accessible and affordable for everyone. Investing in technology like GPS tracking and real-time traffic updates to optimize routes and reduce travel time.

Unlocking Opportunities,
Driving Growth, and Breaking Boundaries

Our global reach and extensive network enable us to identify and access a diverse range of investment opportunities, from established markets to emerging economies.

Innovate boldly, execute swiftly, thrive intelligently, maximize savings.

We employ rigorous research and analysis, utilizing both quantitative and qualitative methodologies, to identify investment themes and opportunities that have the potential to deliver sustainable long-term returns.